Working together with you and your family, we’ll help you design goals to fit your lifestyle.

Personal Services

Amatics works with individuals and third party advisors as a team player throughout the year. We’re not a last-minute advisor, but rather, a source of consultation and support to you and your family. We work with everyone from individual tax clients to growing families to offer an array of Personal Services.

We can't scrub your wall, but we can clean up your books.


Tax preparation entails obtaining your income and expenses and other relevant data in order to present accurate tax reporting. Personal and business finances are inevitably intertwined. Ideally, for individuals who are also private business owners, we’d like to help you plan to streamline the process. Amatics accounting professionals hold extensive experience in tax planning and preparation for individuals and businesses.

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This is a process by which your CPA prepares your financial statements for a bank, credit application, etc. We’ll help you organize the necessary information to confidently present your financials to any third party that requests them.


Everyone possesses assets, such as cars, life insurance, homes, investments, and ownership in businesses. Many decisions about an estate should be made while you’re alive to minimize estate taxes and to control how your assets are handled.

We can help you locate and communicate with the right attorney to handle your estate planning. Every individual should, at minimum, have a will. Not having a will or estate plan when you pass away means the estate will be decided according to the state probate laws, which may, or may not, be how you would have intended your assets be distributed

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